What kind of board is good for custom-made wardrobes? —-3 ways to help you to buy wardrobe boards

The trend of home furnishing is rising. Customized wardrobes are beautiful in appearance, customized in personality, and make full use of space in terms of performance. These advantages are more catering to the needs of current home decoration, making more families choose from finished wardrobes to customized wardrobes. There are many issues that need to be considered before customizing the wardrobe, and the choice of the board is the most important. So what kind of board is good for custom wardrobes?


First, check the plate finish.


The first thing you may notice when looking at wardrobe panels is the quality of the finish. In order to meet the personalized needs of customers, the custom-made wardrobes on the market use decorative panels to complete the surface modeling. Some of them may look okay, but scratching the surface with a fingernail will reveal scratches. This shows that it should be ordinary paper, which have poor wear resistance and scratch resistance. Melamine paper should be a good choice due to the higher surface strength of the coating and environmental protection, as it’s treated with high temperature pressure impregnation technology.


Second, Check the material of the plate.

The service life and environmental performance of the entire wardrobe is based on it’s material.

The method of identification is to check the cross-section of the selected board: MDF is a tightly combined fiber structure with good strength, but it contains a lot of glue and has a high release of free formaldehyde; particleboard is composed of log scrap particles, and the intricate arrangement brings comparison good stability, but insufficient strength; the base material of the Blocklboard is solid wood, and the amount of glue used is less and more environmentally friendly. However, the quality varies greatly due to the different wood and moisture content, so must pay more attention when purchasing.


Third, Check the edge of the sheet.

A good custom-made wardrobe must be without chipping while cutting it by a precision panel saw .The edge sealing treatment can effectively prevent the moisture in the air from eroding the interior of the board. There is obvious edge chipping near the plate if the panel was cut by unprofessional equipment. Some even lack a few pounds, or only seal the front side of the sheet. If there is no edge sealing on the board surface, it will be more likely to expand due to moisture absorption, resulting in deformation of the wardrobe and shortening the service life.


Post time: Sep-30-2022

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