Why is the decorative plywood may deform sometimes?

With this panel widely used for home decoration there are also some problems. Plywood deformation is one of the common problems. What is the reason of plate deformation? How could we solve this problem? Maybe we could find the answers from plywood’s production, transportation, etc.



The poor deformation resistance of the panel is the main reason for this problem, But what could cause the poor deformation resistance?


From a dynamics point of view, the warping deformation of the plate is the result of the release of internal stress. If no effective measures are taken during the production process, the board will not be able to eliminate the foundation of the internal stress, which will lead to warping deformation after the furniture is made in the environment of pressure and high humidity.



If the board is deformed, the cabinet door will not be able to close. Specifically, There are six factors for the plywood deformation.


1. The production process control is not in place. High-quality boards need to be assembled  with a consistent density and symmetrical structure. If the difference is too large, the internal expansion and contraction of the plate will be inconsistent, resulting in internal stress.



Second, the moisture content of the panel is not controlled very well. If the moisture content of the panel exceeds or falls below the ambient humidity, it is prone to warping and deformation. Therefore, the moisture content needs to be controlled within the normal range.


Third. The density of the board is unqualified, and the low density of the board will cause the   processing surface not smooth and easy to absorb moisture and then cause deformation.


Fourth, the waterproof performance of the panel is unqualified. The board that used to make furniture should have certain waterproof performance, otherwise it is easy to absorb moisture and deform.


Five, plate maintenance is not up to standard. If the board is not stored in a dry and ventilated environment, it is easy to affect the stability of the board and cause deformation.


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Post time: Oct-14-2022

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